Terms and Conditions 

Display Deposit

When booking an event with us, we require a £200 deposit which will be refundable the day after the event. This deposit covers the display and setup and for any items which may be missing or damaged during an event. Once an event has been set up, we will ask the customer to sign a checklist which specifically states how many of each item we have used at the event, this will include display items, linen, cutlery, crockery, tables and chairs. Once the event has taken place and we have counted each item and all the items are there, we will pay the full deposit back the following day. However, if items are missing or damaged, we will deduct the cost of the item(s) from the deposit.


We require 50% of the total cost to be paid alongside the £200 deposit for a booking to be secured. For example if your total cost is £1550 then we require £775 and the £200 deposit which makes the total deposit equate to £975. Otherwise the date will not be secure and if someone else makes an enquiry for the same date and pays the deposit first, their booking will be confirmed and yours will not. The remaining balance which is 50% must be paid 10 days prior to the event as we start prepping and buying items 7-10 days before the event takes place. If payment has not been paid and no contact has been made then your booking will be cancelled with no refund.Payment shall be made via bank transfer and your invoice number will be used as a reference for the payment.


If changes need to be made or numbers are increasing then this has to be stated 14 days prior to an event. Any less time than 14 days, will result in food to be catered for at the original agreed number. This is due to us ordering, paying, buying stock and ordering meat in advance which we cannot change more than 14 days prior to an event and therefore is a loss to us. If numbers increase, we can cater for this, however if numbers decrease, we will still require waiters and chefs to prepare the food and therefore we cannot honour any discounted price.


We only give a full refund, within the first 7 days after the deposit has been paid. Your £200 deposit will be fully refundable at any point leading up to the event, however your 50% deposit of the total amount will only be fully refundable within the first 7 days. For example, if your total cost is £1550 and you have paid the £775 deposit + the £200 deposit, the £200 will be given back at any point, however, the full £775 will be refunded within the first 7 days of the deposit being made. Any cancellations after the first 7 days will result in half the deposit being refunded and any cancellations 7 days before the event, will result in no deposits being refunded as stock will be ordered and bought a week before the event which we cannot give back to suppliers and therefore this would result in a loss for us.


We cannot guarantee that any food item(s) is completely free from allergens due to the risk of cross contamination. Our menu is fully halal and we use freshest meat and ingredients from nominated suppliers.

Blanc Requirements

We require access to the location for setting up equipment and services, ideally the day before the event if not in good time on the day of the event.Staff will require constant access to and exit from the location while they are providing the catering services. The customer must ensure that staff can enter and leave the location without excessive restriction.

Data Protection

We will process any personal data collected from the customer for the purposes of administering the booking for the event. We may also process such data to provide the customer from time-to-time with information on other services that it provides and other events organised by us if we feel that it will be of interest to the customer. We will not give your details out to any third parties. 


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